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Did you plan your finances Tomorrow ?

Financial Planning is very imporatant and inavidable for every individual. Life is unpredictable we should always be ready for unforcseen situations.

Financial planning starts with insuring the approriate funds availability when in need to be sure we live, uncompromised life.

Income is always limited, but if we plan well we can comfortably enjoy our life also and same time fulfill our responsibilities of life too, such as good education to kids, good life style to family etc.

Lets Follow Simple Steps to achive big goals, Never be late insuranace to safe guards your family and belonging though to grow your funds you need to invest today in good mutual funds / equity funds.

But question stands as market risks, share market ups and downs. We dont need to think on this make a SIP today with minimum of 1000 rs for each family member and relax. Let your money earn for you now.

Why health insurance is very important for each one. even they are financially strong.

  • People are saving money for their future goal
  • Savings not happen in a day or in a month. It takes years.
  • Life is very uncertain and disease are the part of that uncertainty.
  • When disease comes it spoil all Future planning because it costs high especially critical illness.
    • Cancer : 5 lac and more
    • Heart ailment : 3 to 8 lac or more
    • Kidney issues : 5 lac to 15 lac or more
    • Liver failure : 5 lac to 15 lac or more
  • This disease are dangerously increase in India.
  • People are not that much financially strong to spend 5 to 15lac easily.
  • Mostly during illness people sale their property, Gold and other valuables
  • People borrow money from other and they lose their self respect.
  • Health insurance is helps to save hard earn money with reasonable premium.
  • Buy health insurance...Stay confident. Health insurance will protect your wealth.

Our Services

Financial Planning

Financial goal setting gives us clarity on investment amount, what shall be achievement for future.

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Insurance planning is a very important step in life. We help the client get adequate Insurance Cover.

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Tax Planninge

TAX Saving schemes are componant of Finance Planning. We help our client to save tax with our experts.

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Our Specialty

A mutual fund's portfolio is structured & maintained to match the investment objectives.

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When I retired from my job, I was clue less where to invest, how to invest. But Mr Randive and his team has made our choices easy and we are now relax as we get regular income like our salaries.Many Thanks to Randive Sir.:)

Mr Rajan Khot

Hadpsar, Pune

I was very new to investment era, my dad suggested me to had word with Randive Kaka, one session was an eye opener and he really guided me to invest in mutual funds, Insurance. And fruits of those investement I can see now at age of 30, although I started investement with him at age 25. Thank you very much.

Mr Prasad Jadhav

Baner, Pune